Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Ok, here goes...

Hi there ladies,  how's things?  I hope you're keeping warm out there, cos winter sure is here!

Ok, so it's time for me to fess up, and let those of you who don't already know what's been happening in the world of Kit and Caboodle Timaru, and why I've been somewhat absent...

On the 20th of January my life as I knew it changed.  Forever.  Nothing terminal, or as serious as cancer or anything, but my husband left.  We had been married for 19 years, and together nearly 21.  More than half of my life. We have an 11 year old son.

I know I should have just picked up my big girl panties and carried on with this little business of mine, but it was just too hard.  I did design and sell some kits in March/April, but it wasn't easy to juggle that while sorting out who gets what, when the house will be sold, and all the other assorted crap associated with splitting your life in half.

The good news is that the house has now been sold.  The belongings have been sorted.  I have bought a new place for my son and I, and we move into it at the end of this month.  So now (as well as packing), I can spend some time on Kit and Caboodle :)  Thank you to the ladies that knew my predicament and provided support over these past few months.

I know I am not the first, nor will I be the last person who has to go through this.  I can genuinely say that I have a greater understanding for others who will go through this in future.  There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, that we don't openly share with others.  Because it's just too hard/embarrassing/depressing to share.  But you know what?  It makes us stronger.  More independent.  Able to do things for ourselves that we haven't had to do before.  Better.

So, nearly 6 months down the track, I can say I am getting there.  Finally.

Now, Kit and Caboodle... I will be contacting Highfield School after the holidays are over to see if I can book for Saturday 29 August or Saturday 5 September to run another Crop'n Classes Event.  I will keep you posted once the date is booked.

Those of you familiar with Embellish It will have seen this gorgeous collection already, Jo got it in at the end of last month.  It's GORGEOUS.  

I also plan to bring in from of Heidi Swapp's Marquee Love letters, but only on a pre-order basis.  Now ladies, these are SERIOUSLY cool.  It is a sturdy white chipboard letter, number or shape, 8.5" tall and includes an LED light strand with on/off switch, clear bulb caps, a tracing template and instructions.  It uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).  

If you would like any, please let me know.  They are available in all letters and numbers, as well as a hashtag, an arrow, a heart, a star, a pennant flag and a &. You can also get pink or teal bulb caps separately, and some super cool gold glitter 2" wide washi tape (it comes in hot pink or black also).   

Have you noticed how gold and bronze are very 'on-trend' in the home decor and scrapbooking industries lately?  I love it!  Now, the letters/shapes retail at $29 each, coloured bulb caps are $7 per set and the fabulous glitter washi is $9.  If you would like any of this ordered for you, please let me know asap.  I will be placing my order at the end of this month.

Right, I think that's enough for one night.  I will be back in touch with a confirmed date after the holidays are over.  If you are keen to get any Marquee Love, let me know, ok?  Good.

Talk soon ladies, 

Beck x

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