Thursday, 11 September 2014

Excitement, Frustration, Elation...WHAT?

Good Morning Ladies, Beck here!  How are we?  If you are in Timaru, isn't it nice to see the sunshine today?  It's a gorgeous spring day out there...!

Ok, so on with the show."What is she on about", I hear you ask?  Well, the blog title describes the rollercoaster ride that Rosie and I have been on in the past couple of weeks since we last talked...


There has been great excitement as we organise a fun-filled crop day and prepare to teach our latest kits as classes on the day.  So many ideas, such fun!  Deciding what to bake, and what format the day will take.  Definitely some laughs guaranteed for sure :)

Sadly there has also been frustration as a mix-up by our supplier has meant that our stock has only just left the US and is now due to arrive on Saturday (or possibly Monday), meaning we are going to have to delay our crop day :(

BUT, we have now re-booked the Highfield School Hall for Saturday 4th October, and we are really looking forward to playing hostess to some of you for the day.  For the ladies doing classes with us on the day, there is no additional cost.  If you would like to come hang out and simply scrap/talk/eat the day away, it'll only cost you $5.  BARGAIN!  What better way to spend a Saturday?  (hint hint!)

And on a much more positive note, we have also felt great elation that our newest kits are nearly a sell-out, before we even have the product in our hot little hands!  At the moment, there is only one mini-album kit left for pre-order, and only four layout kits left.  We are thankful and humbled by your fantabulous support ladies, thank you so much, you ROCK! (Um, I think I just made up a new word there, LOL!)

So, what next? 

Well, the ladies that have pre-purchased kits will get theirs packed up and shipped to them during the week of 22-26 September.  You know who you are, mwah!  Those of you sitting on the fence and debating if you would like a kit or not, hesitate any longer and you may miss out... Just sayin!  Let us know ASAP if you would like a kit set aside for you, and we'll hook you up.

If anyone else would like to book in for our crop day on Saturday 4th October from 9am - 6pm, please let us know, so we can plan ahead for food/drink etc.  We'd love to see you :)

Until then, we'll keep you posted of any other developments.

Talk soon,

Toodles, Beck & Rosie xx

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